Quilts of Love

On March 1, 2011 the ladies of the “Quilts of Love” Program at Powell Chapel United Methodist Church in Villa Rica donated twenty-six quilts to the Villa Rica Police Department. This was not the first such donation by the group and they informed the department it would not be the last. The “Quilts of Love” Program makes the quilts available to anyone who needs one. Each quilt also contains a patch bearing the program name and the address of the Church.

The ladies explained that each quilt takes an average of approximately four hours to make. Therefore, Tuesday’s donation represented over one hundred hours of work for the group. However, the ladies are cheerful givers which proves this ministry is a “Labor of Love” for them.

Pictured is Villa Rica Police Department Sergeant George Brown who was on hand to greet the group and gladly receive the donation. Sergeant Brown and the Officers of the Villa Rica Police Department will carry the quilts in their cars to give to those in need. The possibilities are endless on who may need the quilts, but there is only one real reason they were made. They were made because the ladies of Powell Chapel United Methodist Church care about the citizens of Villa Rica.