The Woman’s Society of Christian Service was organized March of 1952, with a deaconess Click McClure the Rome district helping to organize. There were ten or 12 members in the first organization. Miss McClure met with us several months. We decided to meet in homes, and we met on Saturday afternoons. We elected officers and kept the same officers many years. Mrs. Myrtie Hembree was President until shortly before her death in 1968. Her sister, Mrs. Belle Richardson, who was also a faithful member, became sick about the same time as Mrs. Myrtie. Also during the same time, another faithful member, Mrs. Hattie Mayfield, became ill. During this time, we decided there was a need to reorganize since three charter members could no longer attend.


In 1968, we requested the assistance of Mrs. Ross in helping us to reorganize. Mrs.

Allene Richardson was elected President and has held office for the past two years.


Since reorganization, the program has been developed for the WSCS Program Books. We, as a society, have pledged to Missions; had many money-raising projects. Money from some of the projects was used in remodeling the church. For the past 12 or more years, we've given gifts of food, clothing and money to the Ethel Harpst Children’s Home in Cedartown, Georgia; and have participated in their summer vacation program where two or four children spend two consecutive weeks visiting in the various homes. Presently, the Society is involved in fund raising for the purpose of building four additional rooms and a full basement and restrooms for the church. Some of our most successful money raising projects have been: cake sales, plate dinners, candy sales, ticket suppers and rum mage sales. One of our special projects was having picture plates of the church made several years back. We plan, in the near future, to undertake this project again since the church has been remodeled.


Around 1960 we, as a society, prepared a program to present to Lithia Springs Methodist Church and Bright Star Method ist Church challenging them to organize a WSCS. Bright Star did organize a Woman’s Society.


Reverend Herman Smith was the Pastor for seven years. He and his wife were very helpful. After Reverend Herman Smith, the Reverend Alton Smith served the church for eight years. Mrs. Alton Smith was a faithful member.


At present, we have 12 members with seven active members. We hold our meetings at the church (sometimes in homes) on the Wednesday after the first Sunday of each month. We hope, in the future, our number of active members will grow and our efforts to serve God and fellow man will be significant.


Recorded by

 Mrs. Erma Wallace

March 10, 1971